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Azure Will Suspend Gab.ai's Hosting If They Don't Remove 2 Posts (twitter.com)
28 points by anaolykarpov 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

For the curious, the posts Microsoft are flagging are listed here: https://twitter.com/bam_boo_88/status/1027593499166826496

Transcribed should that get taken down:


Patrick Little (@Patrick_Little): Count down to a live stream of me taking a sledge hammer to a holohoax memorial in twelve months.

Will someone take this cross from me?

> Patrick Little (@Patrick_Little): I will see the destruction of at least one US holocaust memorial in the next 12 months, or I will take a sledge hammer to one myself.

This is a campaign vow for 2020.

Either a holohoax memorial is revised in the next 12 months in the US

or I will revise one.

Ah, should have researched the platform- it appears to be a haven for such activity first and foremost.

https://twitter.com/getongab/status/1027551223845736449 https://twitter.com/getongab/status/1027550622860623872

The vast majority of "free speech safe" sites are. Where else would they post these opinions?

I also laugh at the poster claiming this violates his free speech rights. The fact that Microsoft does not want to publish his nonsense, as a private company, is one of THEIR free speech rights.

I would like to see a hosting provider who says 'all stuff we host for you is your responsibility, and we shall not police it in any way'.

I'm well aware they have the right to run their business however they choose, but I'd pay a premium to know that my hosting provider won't pull the plug on my site based on its content.

What's in it for the hosting provider? How many sites are so often toeing the gray area of acceptable conduct that they would monetarily benefit from it? Does it make economic sense?

This is really just the "free market" at work. IMO, this time it's working for the good of society, somehow

There are laws that effectively require hosting providers to police their content. It's illegal to host child pornography, for example. I believe there are certain EU laws that prohibit holocaust denial, though I don't know if they're the reason for this particular decision.

This user seems to have a long history of IRL trolling as well: https://twitter.com/tristanmf/status/1027601520404189184

Did they reply back saying they believe it’s a mistake ?

Bring on the decentralized blockchain

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