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Verifying Global Consistency with Jepsen (fauna.com)
13 points by jchrisa 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Last I checked Jepsen was more of a toolkit for checking consistency then simply plug and play. What is the process for adapting Jepsen to your specific database and its capabilities and how broadly is Jepsen checking the various guarantees the DB offers. Like say if there are consistency tunables what range of tunables were tested?

That’s right. Along with the load and fault generators, it includes some other useful tools such as a linearizability checker, as well as quite a few existing tests for other systems. From this we built out tests for Fauna’s stronger ACID guarantees.

It would be nice if you posted the correctness report as is, without requiring me to be added to your marketing funnel.

You make a valid point. We fixed the link.

This is an ad, there is no information here.

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