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Editorial and Marketing Calendar for Small Business (planitpdq.com)
3 points by AlisonPDQ 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

This is just product spam from a brand new account. I don't really see how this applies to the HN crowd.

Hi acconrad - yup, I am a brand-new account. And I searched the site and saw a bunch of people announcing product launches, so thought it was appropriate. Also read all of the site guidelines, but I apologize if you feel this isn't a fit. Thanks for your feedback.

New, easy-to-use marketing & editorial calendar for small business. Just launched the beta and am offering free accounts until we do our commercial launch. I would love your feedback! I'm offering lifetime discount for anyone who signs up for beta. Go get it! And thank you.

Some things of note:

UI is dated. Logo isn't great. Name isn't great. The help videos have terribly inappropriate music.

This looks rushed/outsourced, or both

thanks for the feedback, handbanana - I am definitely new at this, so I will take your comments seriously. UI is the next focus for us - I wanted to get as many integrations in place as possible before launch. I will take another shot at the music for the videos.

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