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I'll make a separate plug for KFJC, a radio station in the bay area. All the DJs have totally unique taste and the station is really good if you're into experimental or electronic music.

My personal favorite radio station, and their donation t shirts are awesome.

KFJC is a tremendous place.

If I may plug KZSU, on Stanford campus, as another college/community radio outlet in Silicon Valley.

...I worry all the time that, owing to the lack of affordable housing for the creative class, and the general lack of culture throughout the Silicon Valley, that there won't be enough energy to support all these radio stations.

If you're curious, don't be afraid to look into joining them! They both take on community members from throughout the area.

I no longer live in the area, but I aso enjoyed KZSU a lot. It seemed a lot less music focused and felt more like an NPR. They had some really awesome segments, like I remember one in particular about having students look at themselves in a reverse mirror.

KFJC achieves more consistency with its music shows, whereas KZSU is more of a grab-bag. Music shows that fill certain niches, experimental talk programs, and other things like sports broadcasts.

It's certain not to give someone a consistent sound that they'll like, but it usually puts out interesting stuff.

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