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Most importantly it worked very successfully. With Windows, Google search, or most of the others mentioned here, they have had a huge number of problems. The word used was "sophisticated." I think that also implies some level of near-flawlessness in the end result.

... except it was discovered and widely publicized.

After it had dismantled a whole countries nuclear weapon program...

7 years after deployment

There is no telling. It could still be out there.

It was found, and now everyone is using that code base to iterate on new weapons.

99.99% of the time, Windows works just fine for me.

Stuxnet only needed to work once.

It worked multiple times. And it needed to propagate, undetected, for months until it made its way into the nuclear facility.

It didn’t just work once.

I think vkou might have been talking about the precision of Stuxnet.

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