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Summary: Every online coding tutorial is a lecture. They might pretend to be a little interactive, but the learning path is railroaded, and doesn't cater to individual progress.

The reason it is like that is because it is very efficient to have lecture-based learning. The second you add individualized progress to the course it begins to become a huge programming logic problem.

It's not necessarily so difficult. There are blindspots, they need to make more videos to cover them. Take a survey of questions in the forum and make new videos covering those topics. These videos could be optional. The learner can then watch as much as needed, thus, the course adapts to the learner.

It is difficult because to develop the programming logic side of it involves knowing programming and how to implement a system that takes in student data, analyzes it and then creates a new learning path/customized learning materials.

Most people creating educational content simply do not have those skills.

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