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I have to say from experience...

If you move into a house (purchase/rent/otherwise) with a fig tree and plan to relandscape. Be very careful. Fig tree roots run very shallow, and even older trees are susceptible to damage to the roots.

I found out the hard way - rototilling an overgrown back yard due to too much grass, weeds, bulbs, etc. The 'till chomped through two or three large surface roots (< 8" deep which were more than 4 feet from the tree). The result - one dead 20+ y/o fig tree.

Be careful when gardening/redoing a yard.

Sounds like you and pigbucket up there should have a chat.

(Re: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1685161 if you hadn't seen.)

I missed that, that is pretty awesome. I'm not a fan of figs, but the significant other and friends are. For me, losing an old tree due to not knowing it's proper care was the bit of a downer.

I don't quite feel pigbucket's hate. :)

Figs prefer a bit of constraint in their roots, so they should be planted out in a buried pot.

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