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Show HN: Parcel, a simple resource bundler for Golang (github.com)
26 points by svett 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

The project looks nice and easy to use but I wonder if it might be confused with the javascript bundler named Parcel.


This was my immediate thought as well. Impossible to ignore a project with > 20k stars with the same name.

Yes, please rename your package! Parcel is very popular in the JavaScript world.

Really... One quick google and you realize there's another bundler of the same name. Can the author rename it to save them both for googlability?

There are quiet a few of these applications. I wrote my own when I saw that go-bindata (which I'd previously been using) was abandoned.

For comparison purposes:


My code is smaller, but it doesn't contain the filesystem-walker, etc.

Thank you for the feedback. I just renamed the package to parcello. It's pretty much influenced by all those that you have mentioned.

I have some hard times to make COFF works. Have you tried to compile syso files within your go binaries for Darwin?

It got renamed to Parcello: https://github.com/phogolabs/parcello

Nice! Packr is pretty good too, what I currently use.


I have used go.rice before. This looks similar.

I like this.

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