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Gandi.net having major issues (gandi.net)
45 points by wilsonfiifi 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Note that this does not affect your domain if it's already purchased (at least as far as I can see) -- I'm a gandi customer (they offer a fantastic service when it's not down). I'm not affected by this becuase I only use gandi for purchasing and managing my domains.

I use:

- Gandi.net for domain purchasing (for the TLDs they support anyway. I own some TLDs I can't use them for and am pretty sad about it since I like their DNS management UI so much)

- Let's Encrypt for TLS

- My own email server for email

So this downtime doesn't affect me but glad to see they're transparent about it at least

Looks like yesterdays 2hr DDOS attack came back.

Are they under fire for any particular known reason?

Looking at the timeline at this page, they have a lot of problems. https://status.gandi.net/timeline

I feel like this is a normal amount of problems combined with a very high level of transparency


AWS likely has significantly more problems spread across their entire set of services but Amazon rarely updates the dashboard[0] unless it hits a news article. I've had entire availability zones seemingly go offline, and the dashboard changes to a "some customers are having disruption" message. It is almost comical how under-stated the AWS status dashboard is... Almost...

[0] http://status.aws.amazon.com/

Twitter is probably a better indicator if there are AWS problems than their dashboard unfortunately...

Plus a wide variety of product offerings.

Heroku takes a similarly transparent approach: https://status.heroku.com/

Im not talking about transparency, last 16 days, 10 problems, one of 6 days , one of 3 days and several smaller ones. I dont know the company, i see this page, my first reaction, thats a lot of problems in 10 days. I dont understand the downvoting, is it because i said something negative?

They recently redone the whole web part (and supposedly the backend as well since they changed usernames), it's a bit expected to have some issues. Gandi is an old company now, there's probably some very old legacy code they had to remove.

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