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Show HN: Cointabb (cointabb.com)
72 points by biotin50 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 40 comments

This looks like a direct ripoff of https://coinmarketcap.com/

Hi shpongled, we make it clear on the site that all the data is from CMC. In fact, there are several links on each coin page pointing to CMC for more detailed info :)

What was your motivation for creating such a similar site? How do you see yours as different? Not criticising, just curious.

Thanks for the question jamie. There are several features like bookmarking, advanced search/filtering, better night mode, better mobile support that are not available on CMC.

His filters are pretty useful, and I'd say the UI is just as complex as it needs to be. I feel like coinmarket cap has a clunkier UI with unnecessary tabs, a top bar that isn't needed, and an uncentered list on the homepage.

I like the URLs can be saved with parameters so you can bookmark specific filters. CMC is lacking in this specific aspect. Your site is how CMC could be designed so it is easier to use. Thx.

I use cmc all the time, this looks like a tidier, friendlier version of it.

coinlib, livecoinwatch, and countless others are all coinmarketcap clones.

https://datnoid.com is the only interesting one imo, and has unique data.

this is another way to look at cmc data: https://coinzaa.com/tools

This also looks a lot like https://coinlib.io/. What differentiates this from the other CMC clones out there?

Wow, coinlib.io looks really good. It's a lot more advanced and it looks like they do live updates without refreshing the page.

coinlib is about a million times better than CMC. No offense to your site at all, but CMC is just terrible to use. Your site makes it somewhat better as it seems to load faster. I hope coinlib grows and takes over the role CMC has because it is clearly a better application.

For those looking for cryptocurrency news I've been working on ThinkLiberte over the past several months: https://www.thinkliberte.com/hub/cryptocurrency

It's more pleasant on the eyes than CMC, but I'm not sure if that's just because CMC is blanketed with ads and this isn't.

Sorry to hijack - I launched a similar site last week. It has a few more data points:


I like your site's "favorites" functionality. Maybe make the favorited coins persistent via a unique URL or user login?

Wow, cryptoli.st looks really good Tim. It's really fun playing around with the filtering options. When did you launch?

Personally prefer https://coincall.io

Awesome site. The design is super clean and very fast on mobile too.

I personally prefer Live Coin Watch. It allows ME to select whether I want the Korean Markets to be included or not, in addition to a host of other options.


Nice night mode, but it shouldn't be hidden at the bottom

I second this. Loved the overall UI, but the 'Night Mode' placement could have been better -- I'd personally prefer for it to be there right next to the currency converter drop-down on the top right corner.

There's quite a bit of controversy about Coinmarketcap manipulating prices by presenting false data, so it might be advisable not to use it or its data.

Hey this looks really great, any plans for an API or already have one? Couldn't look at the site for too long sorry if it's an obvious answer.

Why people should switch from coinmarketcap to your site?

Whats the point of this? Looks like a mirror of cmc.

Hi djangowithme, thanks for the comment. There are several features like bookmarking/favorites, advanced search, better night mode, better mobile support that are not available on CMC.

Hi HN, let me know if you have any feedback on the site. I plan on adding more Fiat currency conversion in the near future.

Nice UI and very mobile friendly. Has a vibe of old style jQuery UI but feels modern at the same time.

Coincall.io is that fastest and most simple portfolio tracker imo.

Took upwards of 10 seconds to load data for bitcoin. Looks nice, though

Hi handbanana, was that to load the graph or the actual page? Thanks for the feedback!

The actual page. Before that, there was just a spinner in the top left. This was using Opera 48

What is the logic used for the 'Trending' section?

Hi guiomie, the trending section is sorted by the 24 hour change, labeled "24h %".

What's different about this?

Nice touch with the background linear-gradient. Other than that there's no significant difference.

looks like prettier version of coinmarketcap

Can we start flagging this kind of garbage soon?...

This breaks both the site guidelines and the Show HN guidelines. Please don't.



Just a show hn :) Why so harsh?

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