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“Rise and Kill First” Exploring Israel's Assassination Program (theintercept.com)
84 points by profuse99 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I just finished this book and it was one of the most interesting things I have read in a long. It is a long book (750 pages) but reads like a real life Jason Bourne thriller.

The author was interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air awhile back - fascinating stuff for sure. https://www.npr.org/2018/01/31/582099085/journalist-details-...

Thank you for sharing this.

The first "apology" for terrorism I read was Elie Weisel's dawn. Great read, but learning about his personal support for irgun really makes you doubt his eligibility for a peace prize.

Honestly the Nobel peace prize is almost a joke at this point.

Unless you honestly think Barack "drone strikes" Obama deserved his.

If Obama won the Peace Prize simply for not being Bush, I can't wait to see what Trump's successor gets bestowed upon them.

The level of bias reeking from that article is insane and it's not about the topic but the phrasing.

"Bergman relates in detail the many operations undertaken by the nascent state that foiled an Egyptian rocket program, broke the backs of Palestinian commandos operating from Gaza, penetrated Syrian intelligence, and bugged the flat in Germany where young Palestinian activists planned raids into Israel."

By Palestinian Commandos the author (of the article not Bergman) means the Fedayeen likely those who were prompted by Egypt after the Egyptian occupation of Gaza and the dissolution of the "All-Palestinian" government by Nasser because they didn't fit into his plan.

The Fedayeen exclusively target civilians and foreign officials in Israel so while they primarily used guerrilla tactics and performed mainly cross border raids calling them commandos is a bit of a stretch.

Also "young Palestinian activists planned raids into Israel" is laughable if you don't want to call them terrorists that's fine but the only other appropriate word to use here is militants or combatants as they weren't planning to organize a dance off but attacks on civilian targets within Israel.

"The world is back to the divine right of kings to decide who shall live and who shall die"

back to ? like any country in the world has ever stopped ?

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