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A voice in the dark (2017) (theglobeandmail.com)
16 points by fern12 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I settled on a similar way to keep the demons away.

For the past few years I've been falling asleep listening to an old iPhone 4 tucked under my pillow with the volume at it's lowest level. No earphones are necessary and my wife doesn't even realize I'm doing it.

I don't listen to podcasts but dialog-heavy movies that I've seen many times. I have a list of about 2 dozen movies that I go through depending on my mood, but they're all relatively quite without much action, just pleasant material. Since I've seen the movies it's easy to visualize along to the dialog and sleep comes (relatively) easy.

I think everyone can relate to falling asleep listening to a voice or background noise. I wonder if there any science about quality of sleep that results if you do this all night.

I am honestly completely opposite in this regard. Any sort of 'content' will keep me up for hours if it's playing near me. On vacations with friends and family, if others put on a movie to fall asleep to, I'll watch the entire thing. I've tried falling asleep to podcasts - but I have a compulsion to not allow my attention to be diverted from it. If I start dozing off and miss some - I'll go back a few clicks and make sure I'm aware.

That having been said, the white noise of a fan is always lovely to fall asleep to.

The key I found it so listen to something very familiar so that you can focus just enough to keep any anxiety at bay, but that doesn't demand too much attention. As I said in an earlier comment, I found listening to familiar movie dialog a reasonable solution.

Agreed. I used to watch reruns of Law & Order. Hearing the beginning intro would remind me of a time when life was less complicated, and the plot was engaging enough to distract and lull me into sleep. Sadly, Netflix removed it, so I now rely on podcasts.

I'm with you. My brain continues processing as long as any input continues to arrive. Music, movies, people talking, pets walking, even the sound of my wife breathing will keep me up. Fan noise is heaven.

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