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blintson 1325 days ago | link | parent

Yes. Yes it is. Just because they have lots of fancy candy packaging doesn't mean that Japanese kids eat tons of it.


Just look at photos of what the Jap kids eat for lunch:


This is actually what they eat for lunch everyday. It's amazing.

petercooper 1325 days ago | link

I think I misunderstood your message. What Japanese kids eat seems to be excellent and I support healthy food choices. What I sensed, however, was an unfair antagonism towards branding and packaging design as a way to achieve that. If my inference was wrong, apologies!


stonemetal 1325 days ago | link

Cool picture but I have no idea what any of that is. Obviously rice 3 of the plates have what I would guess are eggs, beyond that there are some random vegetables about like putting lettuce, tomatoes and pickles on a hamburger.


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