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Earlier this year, I moved from SVN to git when I found I really needed better branch management. One thing I found is that hosting a git repository is a lot less straightforward than hosting a subversion repository, particularly since fewer bug tracking systems have adequate support for DVCS at this point. Trac seems to be lagging behind Redmine in this regard.

If anyone is interested, I created a library for deploying git hosting (or SVN hosting if you really prefer) on a VPS with Redmine project management: http://github.com/ericpaulbishop/redcloud

Git hosting is provided via gitosis, not gitolite since there is no redmine plugin for gitolite support. It runs on Ubuntu VPS and uses Nginx with passenger compiled in as the web server. PHP via php-fpm can optionally be compiled in too, in case other sites on the same box need PHP (as is the case for what I'm doing).

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