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Show HN: Wagtail 2.0 is a big release for our Python CMS (wagtail.io)
78 points by tomd 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I found the "Zen of Wagtail" document really useful in understanding the philosophy behind the project: http://docs.wagtail.io/en/v2.0/getting_started/the_zen_of_wa...

In particular I really like the way it separates the roles of editor, site administrator and site developer. If you want custom fields, you write them in Python (and check them into version control) - it doesn't even try to give non-programmers tools for constructing custom data types.

These are exciting news, especially about Draft.js editor integration! I've built multiple projects with Wagtail CMS, and it's always been a great joy to work with the code as a developer. Clients also like it for its sleek and uncluttered admin UI.

Keep it up!

Thanks timonweb!

I'm the OP, happy to answer any questions about this release or Wagtail in general.

We've built a few Wagtail sites now, it's a really great developer experience and the end result is an excellent experience for content editors. Really excited about Wagtail 2.0.

Awesome work by the people involved making the best CMS for developers even better. Congratulations all.

Excellent work Wagtail team! I look forward to updating my site later today.

yuhuuu! I'm looking forward to the weekend to update my project.

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