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Same idea for guns. Buy back guns for $10,000 each. Soon have guns under control and off the streets.

People would be breaking into each others houses to sell them.

Soon have guns under control

Or, more likely, they would make more guns to compensate.


The implicit step one being that sale of guns / assault rifles were banned, as it should be.

The War on Drugs is a testament that simply banning something definitively means it disappears.

People don't get psychologically addicted to guns like they do to most drugs. Gun bans are perfectly successful in drastically reducing gun violence in countries other than the US.

I don't disagree, but most guns bans in other countries don't include paying $10k per weapon, which is the proposal here.

People are plenty addicted to being paid $10K per to manufacture guns. Who needs to sell them?

I don't think you get what the word "addicted" means.

Also, obviously you need to ban the manufacture of such weapons before you offer to buy them back.

That would cost $3T if everyone turned their guns in.

And would be a better use of the money than most other things the government does already.

Like schools, roads, medicare, research, etc??? OK.

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