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I'll be soon transitioning from a team lead to manager (with a new company). Can anyone add any recommendation to my list of resources?

Books: Peopleware, 5 dysfunctions of a team, Ziglar's Top Performance, Pragmatic Programmer (and others, but these are the top ones)

Websites: askamanager.org, Joel on Software

Podcasts: HBR ideacast

High Output Management by Andy Grove. Read that book and the “First Break All the Rules” book mentions ones elsewhere. Most of the rest is duplicative or crap.

Also, just be you. People see potential in you and how you work. Don’t surrender your soul to management books — management is like organization, there’s lots of “management porn” that makes it easy to procrastinate through reading. Most of the guidance you see is ego-driven and conflicting.

The indirect thing you should consider working on that was hard for me and many other tech people is networking and relationship building. I’m at a director level position now, and my ability to pick up the phone and have someone do something is an increasingly important part of my job. Making that happen is time and work.

Thanks for the advice. I love to take in new information, but try to make sure I'm thinking critically about what I'm learning.

I'm moving from a large organization to a smaller one, by an order of magnitude or more, so I'm looking forward to having the ability to know everyone on some level and be able to reach out directly when needed.

http://softwareleadweekly.com/ - A weekly newsletter, as well as Slack group - great resource.


- Leaders Eat Last

- Managing Humans

- What Got You Here, Won't Get You There

- Radical Focus

- Leading Snowflakes: The Engineering Manager Handbook

- The Manager's Path

- The Coaching Habit

- Thanks for the Feedback

Subscribed. Didn't see a link to the Slack group, just a bot that could be integrated into existing groups.

The Slack group is request only - you will see a mention of it at the bottom of the weekly email - you just send a reply to the email requesting access and you will be invited in.

Cool - thanks!

Loved Radical Candor (https://www.amazon.com/Radical-Candor-Kick-Ass-Without-Human...). I thought it was going to be stupid and glitzy, but it was well written and funny and very insightful

I've heard interviews about the book and concept, but haven't picked this one up yet.

"First, Break All the Rules." The title sounds dumb, but trust me, it's full of good advice. It's based completely on research and interviews with successful managers.

Thanks! I've done strenghtsfinder, and read Go Put Your Strengths to Work, so I'm looking forward to this one.

The Manager's Path is a book i found on Amazon, I really like it. Basically, each chapter is one rung up the management ladder. You can read the whole thing or just up to the chapter where you're currently at.

Added to the cart - thanks!

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