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Hard-Liners and Reformers Tapped Iranians’ Ire. Now, Both Are Protest Targets (nytimes.com)
12 points by JumpCrisscross 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

I am from Iran and have actively participated and watched these protests. If anyone has any questions about current situation in Iran, I can report from what I have seen.

I will write my take from this article in 1-2 hours. Right now I am not in situation to write. But I have to mention Iran current political system does not have reformist. Most reformists suppressed in first years of revolution. The only trustworthy reformist remaining was Mir Hossein Mosavi. But he has been in house arrest for last 5 year. People (like myself) hate these reformist because that is only a show. Saying they are reformist is just like saying Dianne Feinstein is a reformist. They are ceneter’ist whom benefit from current situation and do not care about people. And their reformist figures is just to use and get peoples vote. Other than one (yes, from 150 reformist in Iran congress, only one has defended people) no of those reformist do care or participate in political discussions.



Holy Mackrel! This is insane, I've trusted NYT for so long for news even during the election. I always wonder if I am on the wrong side of history based on the news I read

I can't reply directly to my two comments above, which have been both downvoted and flagged because I've pointed out that the NYT has disqualifying conflicts of interest when reporting about the Iranian theocracy, and thus should not be trusted -- to the same extent it was not to be trusted when it was withholding facts about the Soviet-created mass-famine in the Ukraine.

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