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Need some non holiday time to read this fully, but it's worth noting that aside from Spanner, Cloud Datastore (using Megastore tech) and Cloud Firestore (using the same tech as Cloud Spanner) all do Paxos across several data centers over a wide area and achieve millions non batched writes/second.

Sometimes it can be hard to tease out the true trade-offs in the systems as they don't get as detailed acknowledgement, but from a quick read it looks like tail latency will will be worse.

Improvements in consensus algos often have issues, correct implementation is hard, but it can make previously impossible things tenable which I find exciting.

The fact that Google is able to achieve good write performance with standard Paxos over wide areas is a direct result of their advanced network infrastructure and low latency data center interconnects. I imagine there are lots of people without a Google-class network who would benefit from WPaxos or something similar.

Our network definitely makes a big difference, but even we don't just use straight up vanilla Paxos.

Does google (assuming Spanner) really use Paxos across WAN?

My understanding is, it does Two-Phase-Commit (across WAN) over fault-tolerant objects (located in a Paxos Group). Paxos Group could span across Data-Centers, but there it just uses normal Multi-Paxos -- perhaps with some extra leader election tricks.

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