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We're paying the price for the proliferation of existentialism, and it's flavor of capitalism and justice.

"You're on your own" is good when reaping rewards and thriving in a meritocracy, but not when you need help, are losing, or just want warmth.

But a healthy dose of loneliness is what has us reaching for each other.

So we should all just give in, and reach for each other.

Natural feeling tend to take care of themselves, so long as we're capable of being honest.

Of course, that's the other issue.

How are you defining "existentialism" here?

"I think therefore I am." The essence that precedes the thought. "Our actions are the outcome of our being."

The notion that success is reserved for the deserving, and criminals are devils that require punishment. That there are good and bad people; good do good, and bad do bad. All we need to do is sort them. And that all depends on our individual essence, our free will.

Everything good pre-exists and we shall be the judge.

As opposed to,

"There are no actors, only actions" and "We are the sum of our actions."

"I think therefore I'm thinking."

"I committed a crime, got caught, and that is why I'm in jail."

"I witnessed his birth, I changed his diapers, I taught him how to walk, and he follows me around. He must be my son."

I actually don't have the name for the latter philosophy. I really wish I knew. It's along the lines of Nietzsche and Aristotle, but I can't say they put their finger on it. Any pointers welcome.

It also holds the key:

"I'm lonely. And that's the only reason I need you by my side."

That's all we need.

The latter philosophy is called, uh, existentialism, so I'm not sure quite what happened here.

Then what flavor is it?

With one existence precedes all phenomena.

With the other phenomena precedes all existence.

I'd think it's a variation of the "life is meaningless and we're all irrelevant specks of dust anyway" line of thinking.

embracing the irrelevance brings your soul into hell, in this life and the one after you become dust.

> "L'enfer, c'est les autres" or "Hell is other people"

From "No Exit", by Jean-Paul Sartre, 1944.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Exit

I think they mean nihilism.

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