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This has become my philosophy. You can buy the Ikea stuff almost as cheap as renting that crummy rent-a-center junk for a few months.

When we move, we just make sure we find a rental close to an Ikea, Craigs List all of the Ikea stuff before we go and then buy it again when we get there, saving thousands on moving expenses.

I'm wicked good at assembling the entire "Lack" series...

I'm about to try this with our biggest jump ever. From the USA to Australia. Selling everything and starting over is hard but has been strangely refreshing.

What have you found to be the biggest cultural hurdles in moving to Oz?

Compared to my other overseas adventures, Downunder is a much easier adjustment. I have a family now and we're all going so I'm happy about this. Good to ease them into the whole expat thing.

We'll be starting down south, in Adelaide, coming from DC. What struck me most about the difference in these two places is just how laid back and casual everything is down there. Right-hand drive is stressful for me though!

I'll be back down there in a weeks time looking for a place to live and finishing immigration paperwork. Any HN folks in SA who might want to meet up for a quick pint some idle evening, drop me a line.

Interesting. My wife and I have friends down there. I've often thought about immigrating. The way our economy is tanking here (I'm near Philly) and comments like yours are encouraging this line of thought. I'm wondering how difficult it is for an American to immigrate there compared to less friendly countries.

Could you elaborate more on the immigration process that you went through? I'm very keen on Australia myself.

where are you moving to? We're in the West, my email's in my profile

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