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Finding X in Espresso: Adventures in Computational Lexicology (wolfram.com)
31 points by colinscape 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Somebody has taken the snob of a barista really seriously. Really nice article, regardless of the motivation :-)

Anybody who is working with a production NLP system would confirm that language is very much alive and changes over time, making it necessary to adjust your models. The meanings of words shift around, spellings change, words disappear, and appear.

It's like shooting ducks with nukes. Can someone explain what is f_~ 0.01 f+^0.85 on the top plot?

Neat data visuals. Especially the networks of letter tpancisions when words change spelling, I never saw this idea expressed before. I showed this article to my friend and he got mad at me, he was always correcting poor souls on evil of eXpresso ;-)

Not to mention that the drink is literally expressed from the handle-doohickey that holds the grounds.

And now I know there’s an anti-“x” movement I’m going to make it a point of saying “ex-presso”

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