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SafeButler (YC S17) is hiring employee #2 to modernize insurance
10 months ago | hide
Solving our own pain point, we are automating insurance shopping for American consumers. After a quick signup, a consumer's insurance shopping and management are put on autopilot with us. Better deals automatically come to them for the rest of their lives. Switching takes only a single tap. It will save consumers time and money while giving them better protection.

Bugs in our system could mess up people's lives big time. If you take pride in writing code that "just works", if you love turning customer feedback into a deployed feature in minutes, you'll love it here. Practical experience with Python/Django, SQL and automated testing strongly preferred. Practical experience with Ruby/Rails or Java will be considered too.

Please contact danny@safebutler.com. We are a 3-person team based in Newark CA (across the bay from Facebook HQ). At this point, Bay Area candidates only please.

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