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ShipBob is Hiring a Senior Digital Marketer
11 months ago | hide
ShipBob is changing the game for e-commerce fulfillment. With a modern tech stack and a network of fulfillment centers, ShipBob is on track for rapid growth.

We are looking for a passionate, flexible, and creative digital marketer that can work on various growth marketing projects. This person will join the marketing team to lead high-impact projects designed to create leads.

You'll use a data-driven approach to conceptualize, test and analyze potential new experiments to determine their viability and potential impact on the growth of ShipBob. You’ll need to have an understanding of marketing, programming knowledge, and analytical know-how.

This is a fast-moving environment. We need someone who: • Lives by lead generation, pipeline, and closed revenue • Enjoys seeing the immediate impact of their work. • Has a drive for solving big challenges and exceeding lofty goals • Embraces analytics and has a data-driven mindset • Has a passion for cutting edge innovation and discovering innovative lead gen solutions • Is a team-player with positive attitude • Loves researching, implementing, communicating, and analyzing growth experiments We need you to have the following skills: • Marketing professional with 5-7 years of demand generation experience in a high-growth environment • Engineering experience is a plus • Understanding across marketing channels including website, social, programmatic, search and email • Experience designing experiments such as A/B tests or multivariate tests with proven track record of success • Deep understanding of marketing metrics and tracking as well as data analysis through Excel (Pivot Tables) • Experience with a variety of tools like Zapier, Segment, Autopilot, Optimizely, AdWords, Adroll, Facebook Ads, and Salesforce with the ability to evaluate new tools and bring them into the marketing/sales mix. • A history of delivering results for a SaaS company • Strong project management, execution, and communication skills • Ability to identify a failed experiment quickly and pivot strategy • Experience with Content Management Systems • Demonstrable experience with SEO and SEM • Experience building custom reports to showcase results of SEO/SEM • Solid knowledge of web analytics tools like Google Analytics • Familiarity with web design and HTML/CSS • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

To apply : email dhruv@shipbob.com with your resume!

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