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> Google is winning now, with its even more extremely closed source software known as google search

Google search is not closed source as it is a hosted service. It would be if it was redistributed under closed source license. This is why RMS himself said he uses Google.

> It's just pretending to support OSS. Without actually giving away the crown jewels.

It has not given sources, but Google gave many papers about the technics they use such as map/reduce and compression which enable projects such hadoop, yahoo search and even Bing.

>This is why RMS himself said he uses Google.

Where exactly did he say this? He's opposed cloud services from the beginning and designed GPLv3 to attack web apps.

Last I checked, the man scarcely browsed the web.

RMS opposes software as a service, Google Search is no such thing http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/who-does-that-server-really-se...

The only mentions of Google concern Google Docs being SAAS and thus being unacceptable.

Hence, he was still lying about Stallman "using Google search".

My cry of shenanigans stands.

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