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Do they openly advocate for the end of free software?

Sort of. This article is about the IIPA, which the BSA are a member of:


They're not as upfront about it as Stallman and the FSF are about proprietary software, but they clearly don't like open source software. From one of their reports:

"For example, in March 2009, the Ministry of Administrative Reform (MenPAN) issued Circular Letter No. 1 of 2009 to all central and provincial government offices including State-owned enterprises, endorsing the use and adoption of open source software within government organizations. While the government issued this circular in part with the stated goal to “reduc[e] software copyright violation[s],” in fact, by denying technology choice, the measure will create additional trade barriers and deny fair and equitable market access to software companies."

Source: http://www.iipa.com/rbc/2010/2010SPEC301INDONESIA.pdf

I don't think so, but I am quite sure most members would be quite happy with it.

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