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AlgoWiki: Repository of resources on different topics of computer science (github.com)
119 points by eulercoder 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

First it says "topics of computer science" and then has subtopics like jQuery and Django? No subtopics like compilers, formal methods, robotics, or hardware architectures?

I would suggest to change the title to "topics of software engineering" at least.

I will add those resources as well. It's just, it takes time to collect and curate content.

Be sure, I will compliers, robotics and hardware stuff very soon.

Without wanting to sound too negative, this seems to be far more about practical programming and only very little actual computer science. Perhaps a title change is in order? It seems like a great collection of resources.

I agree some of the core computer science resources are not there but I'm working on it. Will add compilers, hardware, robotics and other pure CS resources.

Should I change the title or something like that?

Perhaps try splitting it into two? Although I can concede that the lines might be rather fuzzy.

I'm working on the website, repository has become so big, it's hard to get find anything easily.

Websites will have categories and global search so you can find anything you are looking for quickly.

there are a couple of pull requests waiting to be merged though :)

merged most of them. :)

This is a great idea! Thanks for putting together all these resources and making it easy to contribute. I'm sure I'll be using it and referring others to it as well.

Of course, I immediately went directly to the section on C. I noticed LibreSSL's licenses are described as "semi-free." Not trying to start any kind of flamewar at all, but I am curious what part of the ISC license makes it only semi-free, in your view? Is it just a preference for GPL?

This is awesome man, can I share this on a learning site I just built, https://learnsearch.xyz/? I think it's a phenomenal resource

You know that we know that you know that you can link to others without asking for permission, right? If you want to promote your site fine whatever, but please don't pretend like that is not what you are doing.

I think that's pretty unreasonable, man. I've been asking permission to share because I've had run ins where people have preferred not to share, and sharing without asking has aggravated them. When that happens, you have to change your MO on these things and be courteous enough to ask.

This breaks the HN guidelines, which ask: "Please respond to the strongest plausible interpretation of what someone says, not a weaker one that's easier to criticize."

Could you please read https://news.ycombinator.com/newsguidelines.html and follow those rules (and more importantly, that spirit) when commenting here?

Hey, make sure you give us the credit and link back.

Yeah absolutely, my project is actually just a link sharing site a la HackerNews, so it would automatically link back to your repo.

Cool, you can add link then.

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