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Gnome 3.26 won't have status icons by default (gnome.org)
2 points by gtirloni 69 days ago | hide | past | web | 2 comments | favorite

> If you want or need to continue using status icons, you should feel free to use the TopIcons GNOME Shell extension. This will continue to work and the extension offers a better status icon experience than the current default anyway.

I've just updated to 3.26 and, well, neither of mentioned extensions (TopIcons and TopIcons Plus, referred here and there, incl. this post and GNOME wiki) don't (just have tried it personally) therefore I must call bullshit. Also comments in OP were conveniently disabled. I'm so frustrated and disappointed to even think to start writing the bug report that would be probably closed as "wontfix" or would stay in "new" forever.

All right, I stand corrected; git master of TopIcons Plus actually does work.

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