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Hi, author here. Let me know if you have any comments or feedback. It's always appreciated and I hope you enjoy the read.

"Sending messages that nobody will read is as useful as writing emo poetry."

Loved it. I'd like to see a PDF version. I see that you mentioned in an earlier post that you're not that familiar with generating PDF files. I'm not that familiar, either, but from what I've gathered most authors use TeX markup with their writing and then use the TeX source to generate PDFs via pdfTeX.

Anyways, enjoyed the writing and the pictures. Great job on the formatting, too. Really liked the "don't drink too much kool-aid" segments. I did find some of the code samples a little confusing, but I'm, admittedly, an amateur programmer and I've never dealt with Erlang before. I didn't really grasp what an Erlang module is or the specifics of using spawn. I gather that these are probably basics that you may expect a reader to already be familiar with, maybe covered in an earlier chapter, but maybe you could add a sentence here and there explaining the code samples a little more in depth.

I don't know TeX either and it could be a way to force myself to learn, thanks for the suggestion.

I did assume previous knowledge for this chapter, but everything you need has been shown in the ~10 previous chapters. So far, the book is still meant to be read in a linear manner, but this could change once enough material is covered. I could add a few more links in a wiki-like manner.

Thanks for the positive comments, too. Much appreciated.

Is it a reasonable request to ask for a pdf version?

I get maybe a request every two months for a pdf version. It's something I always distantly planned but never thought on acting on it. I'm not really sure how to do it, but after the current chapter I'm working on, I might give it a try.

Try the free for non-commercial use version of http://www.princexml.com/ — you give it some HTML, some CSS and tada, pretty PDF! well, as long as you give it decent CSS...

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