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> That's a bit naive. Google is not a charity and provides that service by making a profit out of user data.

Yep and that's an acceptable trade-off for the maintainers of Homebrew given that we need analytics to do our (volunteer, free-time) job adequately and we do not have financial resources for other alternatives. If you're willing to provide those financial resources indefinitely: get in touch.

> Even with no IP, Google can easily cross-references searches and the random UUID, since a typical use case is that a user installs something through Homebrew after Googling it.

That may be technically possible but I see no evidence that it is the case.

> Please rethink this bad default choice. And sorry if my reply sounds harsh, but I think that Google tracking by default is an extremely bad choice for your users.

We disagree. Please consider another macOS package manager. MacPorts is a good alternative.

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