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> Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall had a huge advantage, they only had to care about a 320x240

Honestly this isn't a big deal it's massively overstated. OS X managed to pull of Aqua and MS managed to pull off Aero both with arbitrary UI sizing.

I feel this point is only stated by people who came to UI when they only had to worry about 1 size and then were shocked at the idea of treating the UI as anything other than a Photoshop flat.

Arbitrarily resizing the iOS6 podcast app would be a challenge. Indeed many applications would be quite easy to adapt, but on iOS6 and prior some of the applications used quite unscalable elements. For example the notes app with a lined notebook would be a pain to adapt if you could arbitrarily scale fonts (which you can since iOS7 or 8).

The difference is also (I think) the average size of teams which made the apps. iOS has started the boon of one developer per app. Before it was of course done, but the scale is not comparable.

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