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Ask HN: Who's Hiring?
43 points by Herald_MJ on July 6, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 21 comments
I think the last time this came up we agreed on the 1st tuesday of every month - so here we are!

I'm specifically interested in Python jobs in London, but as always, everything is welcome.


Bloomberg LP is hiring (and we have a big office in London) though I'm skeptical we might have anything specifically for Python. Not to worry though, we offer extensive training.


(However, if you feel like moving to the States in Princeton, NJ, then we have a Python position open on my team :) ).

I just took a look at the job listings. There is some really interesting sounding work there.

Not sure I'm ready to leave Montana yet...

If I didn't have ten months remaining on a tenancy agreement, I would apply in a second ;)

Anything open for Erlang? I'm already living in NJ :)

Mountain View, CA.

RethinkDB (rethinkdb.com/jobs)

We're building a database for solid state drives, and are working on hard core technology - a highly asynchronous, high throughput system, with concurrency control algorithms, garbage collection, and lots of other neat components you won't get to build anywhere else.


SocialSci is hiring two science minded RoR devs to help bring academic research online.

We save researchers time and money by bringing their scientific surveys (drag/drop, pdf upload, and visual response) online. We have developed a full suite of scientific tools and linked them to an anonymous, honest, and payable group of participants.

The team is currently 5 strong (3 dev, 1 biz/scientist, 1 academic sales), but we want to bump it up to 7.

Recently seed funded (we can pay you actual money / equity), graduated Tech Stars Boston, and now work out of Dog Patch Labs (Cambridge).

If interested, shoot me an email at leon@socialsci.com


Cambridge, MA

While I'm but a summer intern, the company I'm working at is a great place, and they're hiring. Endeca is a medium sized, stable, and fun company that is doing some awesome work with search applications. There's openings in everything from worrying about L2 cache hits in your c++ code to UX wireframing or SEO. Flex, XQuery, Java, C++, and there's even some Haskell around a bit. Come join the fun times!

Check out http://www.endeca.com/about-us-jobs.htm

US East Coast preferred, all locations considered.

HiiDef, Inc is hiring! - http://hiidef.com/ - We are a 14 person web incubator launching new ideas while scaling our mature products.

We're specifically interested in Python developers with strong web stack experience and excellent communication skills.

Get in touch - johnwehr@hiidef.com

San Mateo

Foodily is hiring Python and Erlang engineers with a good product sense.

You will be working on seriously exciting technologies including crawling, natural language processing, distributed systems.

Series A funded. Lots of perks including health, food, et al.

Email me - venu@foodily.com - if this sounds interesting.

Palo Alto

Trumpet Technologies is hiring.

We are working on exciting technical challenges in natural language processing, information retrieval, machine learning, distributed systems, all with a beautiful touch based user interface.

Drop me a line if this sounds like something you'd like to help build.

Do you have an email address?

Jersey City (5 min from Manhattan)

Meshcapital is hiring. We are a 3 person hedge fund doing high frequency trading.

We are looking for good coders, no particular technology or background required, but be prepared for a RethinkDB style interview. Email if you are interested.


Panjiva (http://panjiva.com)

We're a 12 person startup with fast growing revenue working on a global supply chain service powered by a Ruby on Rails app. Currently looking for someone who can develop up and down the stack and someone else who specializes in HCI. More info at https://panjiva.com/jobs or you can contact me (email in profile).

San Francisco, CA

Metamoki (metamoki.com)

We're looking for a Flash/Flex/AS3 engineer with excellent taste in UI/UX. We're open to consultants, freelancers, and telecommuters for this position.

We make games. We're profitable and self-funded - full time employees have health, food, transportation, etc. You will learn a lot, you will have a lot of fun in the process, and you will be treated like a human being.

Apply online or email me van[at]metamoki for a news.yc referral.

San Francisco, CA

Blurb - http://www.blurb.com/join_us

Help people make books - it makes them really happy.

Mainly looking for Rails developers.

Hey guys i took the liberty of compiling all of these into an Excel. I think instead of these posts getting lost, might be a good idea to archive them by month. It's on Gdocs:


Cambridge, MA

We're building a social network for communities and neighborhoods and ooking for Rails developers.

Contact maxtilford@gmail.com if you're interested.

Seattle WA & San Francisco CA

Informed Biometry Corp is a recently-formed, well-funded, stealth-mode consumer web startup, looking for our first employees. Ground-floor opportunity for smart generalists!

Check out http://jobs.infbio.com/ and email me (walter@infbio.com) if you're interested.

Green startup in DC and San Francisco. Funded & cashflow positive. Feel free to email me questions.


You don't have an email in your profile, but I do have some questions. Any other way to contact you?

Yes, you're right. I've placed it there now if you notice this dreadfully late comment.

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