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Ask HN: Which web sites and services do you use on a regular basis?
11 points by photon_off 2756 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments
I'm working on a tool that gives you access to things you do online in a really efficient manner. It works best with services that tie into a current webpage you are viewing. Yeah, it's a little hard to explain.

I'm curious to know which services you guys use. Here's what I have so far:

    * To find website popularity: Quantcast, Alexa, QuirkBase, Compete
    * Technicals about a website: Domain Tools, BuiltWith, WebPageAnalyzer
    * Backtype - find discussions on reddit, digg, etc, pertaining to a URL
    * UrbanDictionary - find out what various TLAs mean and such
    * Google, Google Maps, Google Translate
    * Wikipedia
    * Delicious (to find similar web pages)
    * TinEye (to find where else photos appear)
    * Imgur

http://www.iconfinder.com - for finding icons for design/graphics

It might not be what you are looking for, but I like to visit this site:


It's an oldtime hi-def pic site that updates twice a day.

Google Reader which pulls in: Hacker News; Engadget; TechCrunch; Lifehacker; Mashable!; and a few blogs by personal friends, Facebook, Digg, Woot!, Gmail, YouTube and OkCupid.

Those are really the only ones I'm guaranteed to hit every day.

http://www.gmbhnews.com on my mobile and all webkit browsers

http://www.mcsquare.me on my desktop

hacker news

In the second category ("technicals about a web site") I'm a big fan of http://web-sniffer.net.

Excellent. Thanks

Alexa, Compete for keeping track of competition

Stackoverflow and php.net for technical stuff

Google* for email, maps, translation etc.

Delicious for bookmarking

Mashable, Twitter, iGoogle (RSS-feeds) for news

Digg and Reddit for fun

I use digg, reddit, HN, Techmeme and a hell lot of forums.

google reader, Stack overflow, facebook, github, ebay

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