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Ask HN: What Is the Difference Between NativeBase and React Native Elements?
3 points by claudiojulio 191 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
The two look the same, with RNE overtaking NativeBase in number of stars in Github.

Translated automatically.

Disclaimer: I work for NativeBase.

Both RNE and NativeBase are good and while the number of Github stars on RNE is greater, the number of downloads is greater for NativeBase.

Here's the stat for NativeBase, https://npm-stat.com/charts.html?package=native-base&from=20... and here's for RNE, https://npm-stat.com/charts.html?package=react-native-elemen...

To add, there's a feature of theming in NativeBase via which you can add a uniform theme throughout your app.


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