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> That isn't true inside Microsoft.

No, that was not intended as included in "the C# community". Hell, SPJ used to work at Microsoft (he may still do, but he used to).

> the people who work on C# are the same academic wanks that work on Scala or F#

I'm sure you mean wonks, but I liked the typo.

> C# has a different user base from those languages though, so they still have to be careful what they add to the language, and many language features are planned 3 or 4 versions in advance.

I have no issue with the evolution of C# rate or otherwise, only with a number of its users.

Ugh, that was bad embarrassing typo.

C# has a specific audience, and the language designers cater to them pretty well. I really really like C# as a language, and I don't mind delayed access to certain features that I already like from other languages.

You probably have a beef with some C# users not because of their choice of language, but with the field they work in (primarily enterprise) tends to breed a certain kind of attitude that other techies don't like very much.

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