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I think you can make up for the lack of a teacher to a certain extent by choosing slower-paced and more verbose source materials. For instance, Hammack's Book of Proof, and the Khan Academy curriculum (both mentioned elsethread) -- as opposed to, say, the dense exposition of Spivak's Calculus. The Spivak problems are incredibly well-composed, but will often stump the student. Not so the straightforward problems of Hammack and Khan.

I definitely agree that human interaction is needed, though (as noted in my other response) -- but it could be either a teacher or other students.

I choked on linalg for years, trying to read one textbook. The formal kind. Found a 5$ suggestion on Reddit (Gareth Williams), I made more progress in the following week than ever before.

Doesn't matter how as long as you do the work. If a book leaves you dry, try another one asap.

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