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Show HN: Piece by Piece introduction to Vim (anuragpeshne.github.io)
12 points by anuragpeshne 180 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Interesting piece and well-written but being brutally honest there is not too much new information here. I appreciate the effort you put it but I really think the focus for new people learning Vim shouldn't be studying the keymaps it should be USING them, STRUGGLING with them and somebody pointing out "Hey why are you using the arrow keys? Try pressing <fti>!" and then they go "Oh wow!".

I once showed a friend Vim and he was really excited. When I saw him edit some text he used -- to my horror -- the arrow keys! I kept watching and at a certain point said "Ok now stop, try pressing <...>" and he listened to me and he was like "Oh boy that is awesome!".

And maybe a suggestion is to put ":imap kj <Esc>" somewhere in the beginning I honestly think that keymap is SO much better than escape.

Sorry for bashing you a little bit I do appreciate the effort but I feel like the web is already quite saturated with these Vim tutorials!

Hello, thanks for the comment, as you can see, it is tough to get sincere feedback.

I agree with you that there are tons of other Vim tutorials. None of them really clicked with me, I wanted to write about Vim "my way". And I'm not claiming my way is better than other's but there might be someone who might like my version and start using Vim. I've written short piece which are intended to be consumed in one sitting, and ideally one part every day. My aim is to help user to gradually replace his editor with Vim without significant loss of productivity. For this, I'm writing about stuff bottom up, each part builds upon previous or if two parts are unrelated, the third part will sit on top of those two. And lastly, I'm not trying to cover every command or trick, just enough to get them started and proficient enough to help themselves.

I strongly agree with your other comment too: studying keymaps doesn't make anyone learn Vim, it's the struggle, the agony which rewires the brain. But I think that's the most anyone can do to teach. Amaze someone with power of Vim, and leave him motivated enough to do the hard work. You cannot, especially through a blog, force someone to do labor. But I liked your idea of making reader do something and later point out that it could have been done in a more efficient way. Maybe I'll add some exercises.

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