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Any recommendations for write-ups on how delimited continuations are implemented?

my reading is that by 'delimited continuations', white-flame is just referring to explicit closures and function calls. which lets you build up event-driven machines in any language that supports closures.

the distinction is that in scheme, where (at least in the standard implementation) each function call takes an implicit continuation and the code is everted using a bulk cps-transform before being interpreted or further compiled.

in this later case, its possible to use call/cc to create a continuation at any point in a 'normal' program, without having to construct the control flow explicitly. its this 'continuations everywhere' approach that can burden the runtime with a lot of consequences, possibly even precluding the use of a stack at all depending on the implementation.

in the former case you can basically do by-hand cps or event-handling in anything. asm, C, c++, python (3), go, js..

Check out Andy wingo's blog. He implemented delimited continuations for guile, and provides lots of sources for his implementation.

And ofcourse everything by Oleg Kiselyov

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