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That, and that the tutorials/beginner-docs don't all start, "look, it's pretty much just two really really simple event dispatchers stuck together, so don't panic" followed by an implementation-focused walkthrough like this.

Redux is way too simple to justify the amount of writing there is trying to teach people to use it[0]. It's two event/message dispatchers. Events/messages move through them thusly. Here's the tiny interface by which you interact with them. Don't do this or this unless you want bugs to happen, and here's why. Done.

[0] a sure sign FP-fans are involved [rimshot]

I couldn't agree more strongly. Something weird happens to FP proponents such that once they get very good at it, they lose all ability to explain or empathize with beginners. :)

One of the most frustrating thing about FP land is that I never feel confident I actually understand anything. Every time I think I might the explanation I arrive at is so damn simple that I can't convince myself it's truly correct because there's this mountain of confusing explanations in my wake, and why would anyone have tried to explain it that way if it were actually this simple?

Docs PRs welcome! :)

(Seriously, I mean it - most of my work as a Redux maintainer has involved improving the docs, and I genuinely am interested in having people help improve them.)

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