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> I'm also not going to wish for just about every server on the planet to be remotely hacked just to prove my point.

Well, it's not about proving a point.

It's about what comes after that.

And I wish that we don't waste centuries of programmer-years of work onto systems that we'll end up having to get rid of anyway. I don't want to see society build on top of something that ends up with such a destructive potential.

At some point it will be broken, every system using it will be hacked. We'll see something like Mirai, but on far larger scale.

The only question is if we've migrated the critical infrastructure by then, or not.

Yes, but you're actually working against this. By claiming something absolutely HUGE is happening when it isn't you are aiding the opposition who can then say 'see, you were wrong all along'.

What really did happen is already bad enough and deserves all the attention it gets without people muddying the waters claiming the issue is larger than it really is. That's dumb propaganda and easily dismissed. It also takes the attention of the real problem.

So if you're serious about this then you should concentrate your advocacy on those things that you are sure about and that you can prove. That will move the needle. Speculation is only so much noise on the wire, easily drowning out the real, facts based conversation.

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