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Symphony Commerce | SF | ONSITE REMOTE https://symphonycommerce.com

Symphony Commerce builds a multi-tenant platform that hosts large online ecommerce sites for major brands (Pepsi, Fiji Water, and many more.) Our platform is built in Java, hosted in our own AWS environment, and augmented by a small NodeJS application layer for client-specific work.

We're hiring a number of senior roles, and are looking for people who have experience building multi-client platforms and who have had a hand designing the APIs, SDKs, and configurations needed to enable customers to tailor them to their own use case(s).

Open roles include:

- Principal Engineer, Platform Extensibility (API, SDK) - Principal Engineer, Content Management Tools - Principal Engineer, Fulfillment Orchestration - Principal Engineer, Platform and Infrastructure - Senior Engineer, Fulfillment - Senior Engineer, Payments and Order Management

If you're interested, apply here https://jobs.lever.co/symphonycommerce .

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