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Clarity just moved to headless Chrome from PhantomJS today: https://github.com/vmware/clarity/pull/803

> Clarity Design System

> UX guidelines, HTML/CSS framework, and Angular components working together to craft exceptional experiences

Crashes on Firefox, causes the "Script not responding" dialogue to appear. What a truly exceptional experience.

We do have a bug on the website, it doesn't really have to do with the design system itself but with the way the website itself is built. Should be fixed soon. Thanks for the feedback :)

In case anyway checks this out, an update to the Clarity site has already went out that improves the performance of the website drastically. Let me know if you're still seeing any issues and thanks again for the feedback :)

Clarity moved to chrome webdriver, but they are not using the headless features. It's standard selenium webdriver, and xvfb


hi @arwineap, you are right in saying that Clarity is using chrome webdriver + xvfb. That's for the css regression testing, which we haven't looked into moving to use headless Chrome. We've switched our unit tests to use the headless Chrome: https://github.com/vmware/clarity/blob/master/build/karma.co...

Hrm, but those also run in travis right? I noticed at the bottom of the karma.conf it checks to see if it's in travis.

The travis image is installing chrome stable, which is not 59; AFAIK the headless feature is only available in beta right now which versions out to 59.

I admit I'm not sure if your unit tests are running in travis, but if they are, I'd wonder if the --headless flag is just getting dropped as an unknown flag.

Curious either way actually so let me know; I'm looking at starting the testing moving from phantomjs to headless which is why I was sleuthing out Clarity's move

> AFAIK the headless feature is only available in beta right now which versions out to 59.

Headless is pretty stable on Linux in 58. 59 is really when headless became usable on Mac. Still in beta on Windows.

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