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SHOW HN: I rebuilt my blogging app on Node.js and just open sourced it (postleaf.org)
76 points by claviska on Apr 27, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

That is an incredibly well designed CMS. From the article:

You can access the admin panel by visiting:


Username: demo

Password: demo1234

Thank you! Just trying to spread the word. Thanks for the love!

This looks really nice. Can you share your reasons for building this? Also, maybe compare your vision of a blogging app with existing platforms. There are some good open source blogging apps already available like https://ghost.org/

Sure thing. I built Postleaf because I couldn't find any other open source platforms that featured inline editing. That was probably the main reason I started the project, but it soon evolved into "software should be smarter and beautiful."

So, I spent a lot of time making sure Postleaf's design was polished from top to bottom. Then I added features that "just work" such as dynamic images. In short, dynamic images automatically make all your images responsive without any effort from the user. (No more 20MB page loads due to a novice user uploading a photo.)

Another thing that annoys me to this day is when backups are complex and don't contain your uploaded files. Postleaf generates a single backup ZIP file, including simple JSON files of all data and all your uploaded files. To restore, you just upload the same ZIP file.

I try pay a lot of attention to detail with Postleaf. In the end, I think the motto is really what Postleaf is all about: Simple, beautiful publishing.

> I know what you're thinking: "How can I get this masterpiece?"

> I'm glad you asked. You can try a demo here, or grab the source on GitHub.

Haha, it really is beautiful. I wish more products have this level of attention to detail.

Thanks for open sourcing this!

Well organized node.js code as well. Nice project, claviska.


I think it's now renamed to https://www.leafpub.org/

It looks like Leafpub (written in PHP) is the first incarnation of Postleaf (written in Node)

From the GitHub readme, Postleaf seems to be in the alpha stage... not yet ready for production use, it seems.


Leafpub is a fork of the original Postleaf concept, which I also wrote :)

Nope! That's a fork of the original PHP version that I released last year. New version is Node.js based.

That is really nice. I like your logo too.


Thank you for sharing will definitely check this out

Fantastic UX! Did you design this all yourself?

Yes, thanks! It's been through a few iterations, but I've done all design and dev thus far :)

Iterations are good, not a "but" at all!

Front end and admin work well enough on an old ipad. Fit & Finish shows in things like contextual keyboard layouts for email and web addresses. User management handles the basics elegantly and without requiring anything info above the core minimum.

Clean, fast, nice. Will check out the repo amd Surreal CMS next.

Very nice design

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