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Exactly (and thanks to Andreas for explaining it better than me).

We have a design systems team that creates & maintains the system (in collaboration with our product designers), resulting in read-only Sketch templates. when _designing with_ canonical components our product designers are using that template, so it's kind of the same workflow - we're just creating the read-only templates from code rather than by hand.

So your design systems team has to be able to code React components, or any change or new component has to be coded by a developer before being made available to your product designers?

If so, does is not lengthen and complicate a lot your design process?

Would be fantastic to add a section to the blog post and project README with a quote like this

> the designers who design specific pages of the site (for example) would still design in sketch, but pull from the components of the one "read-only" (react-generated) sketch file

Maybe under a "why use this?" heading?

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