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Remarkably similar to Token from Coinbase, which launched just yesterday: https://www.tokenbrowser.com (and which is available in the iOS app store)

Coinbase are nice people, and I hope Token is a success. If you'd like to compare the two products please do check out the tech stack - Status is completely decentralized, so doesn't rely on any centralised servers :)

Is status.im using whisper for messaging? Is there end to end crypto between users?

Interesting! I wonder how Apple will get their 30%?

>Interesting! I wonder how Apple will get their 30%?

The 30% is for paid apps and in app purchases of app content. If you use the Amazon app, for example. They don't take a cut.

I'm not sure exactly how Apple draws the line (this looks like a store for digital stuff). If this approach gets popular (cryptocurrency to skip the 30% cut) I'm sure they'll pay more attention.


I'm not on board with the 30% commission explanation. On the Amazon ios app (normal retail app, not video only), I can buy everything but videos. Wouldn't they be hesitant to share 30% of the other billion dollars of revenue they do via ios?


Apple will only charge you the 30% of products sold through IAP. The caveat here is that if you sell digital goods through the app you don't any option other than using Apple's IAP.

also, in another answer:

It also doesn't include all digital goods. Only those digital goods whose services would be consumed within the app are accounted for the 30% free by Apple.

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