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Litho: A declarative UI framework for Android (fblitho.com)
62 points by tilt on Apr 18, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Seems like the Android equivalent of Facebook's existing framework ComponentKit [1]

1: http://componentkit.org/

Another React-like alternative is Anvil - http://trikita.co/anvil/

I have a bit of a bone to pick with Facebook here. I just checked the commit dates on this project, and the repo was posted inside of a month after I filed an issue on the draft-js repo linking to a project of mine with the very same name. (In fact it's the name of a larger project who's repo is private, but I named a component developed for the project (using draft-js) to a public repo in order to release it to support the community building around the draft-js framework.)

I'm not saying anything conclusively here except somebody neglected to do any due diligence. A search on Github would have revealed the project name already existed.

edit: The domain name was registered on March 9, 2017 -- four days after my project was posted to one of Facebook's open source repositories.

If anybody has any information on who I can contact about this I would greatly appreciate it.

So react-native is passé?

They're different. For starters, React Native developers are writing JavaScript. Litho is a Java framework. The primary benefit of Litho is performance, whereas React Native is focused on developer speed.

I would ask, may Litho be used by react-native?

Both React Native and Litho use Yoga[0] under the hood for layout, so there are already some shared underlying parts. I'm not familiar enough for RN in practice to say whether you could plug Litho Components into RN apps.

[0] https://facebook.github.io/yoga/

Just wanted to nudge you to ask if you would have a look at my above comment on this thread.

Were you by chance on this project, or know of how I can get in touch with somebody who oversees things like this?

You can easily plug any native components into react native apps.

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