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Show HN: Zuck.js, a JavaScript library that lets you add Stories everywhere (github.com/ramon82)
339 points by vegbrasil on April 17, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 58 comments

I was checking the code and....

getStoryMorningGlory = function(what) { //my wife told me to stop singing Wonderwall. I SAID MAYBE.


If they'd have referenced Sally, I'd have totally have been on board.

hahahaha I really thought to mention that Sally could wait!

Beautiful. Great satire, excellent timing, and does what it says on its Face. Skinnable for extra Snazz, configurable with your own endpoints for Insta-Stories. No giant framework, just a Gram of vanilla JS. This guy knows Whats up.

Whats up

Whats upp



Someone caught one of the puns.

As someone who doesn't use snapchat nor instagram, the stories feature on Facebook mobile and Messenger is really confusing. It seems to have come from nowhere and is just in my way. I'm afraid to click on it.

I still have no idea what it is or what it does. Someone told me it's this feature, "Stories," but what does that mean? Does it have something to do with those text-on-gradient images that have been popping up? Like a status update but on top of some colors?

It's a mystery, and I have no compelling reason to try to figure it out on my own.

This is just what I needed for my internet enabled fridge

Well, now Microsoft can speed up the process and implement it at LinkedIn

I'm actually quite surprised to not see something like "Professional Stories" at LinkedIn. Basically stories but sharing your professional accomplishments or something.

I hope to continue to not see these on LinkedIn. The site is bad enough already.

Well there are those albeit in written form via the influencer program

Linkedin is oddly positioned tho because most its user base is undee NDAs

Or Yammer

HAH! Seriously though, it is weird having three identical-looking Stories features that don't show the same data, despite being linked to my FB account (can't speak for WhatsApp as I don't use it).

Instagrams keeps getting new (and weirdly cutesy) new features like stickers and stuff

"Keeps getting" They're copying snapchat features wholesale. If you want a glimpse of what feature they'll release next month just take a look at snapchat of today.

I love this username

This readme is unironically excellent. I wish some actual serious projects had "getting started" guides this good.

I look forward to seeing this being integrated into every Electron app.

It might be a fun way to share live coding snippets.

Can someone please ask Mr. Zuckerberg to use his powers for good pls

But he's making the world more "open and connected!" (by bringing internet to third world countries and restricting them to his website...)

I suppose one could make the world more connected by simply shackling everyone

I did not expect such a grand slam in such a tiny thread.

He did give $75 million to a hospital serving poor, elderly people, uninsured working families, and immigrants. So he's not all bad.

He could be planting fruit trees of good instead of simply delivering a truckload of cantaloupes every now and again

WoW even in death he is a busy guy

What is this? Does it have a serious purpose and i just can't identify it, or is it satire i don't grok?

The idea is that facebook has added stories to facebook, instagram, whatsapp and facebook messenger in a frenetic binge presumable attempt to crush snapchat.

And somehow, none of them are connected (not even Facebook and Messenger), so you have four different story apps from the one company.

The FB and Messenger ones are different too!? At least the other three are separate accounts, so that's justifiable, but FB and Messenger are the same account, they're even the same website on desktop.

>they're even the same website on desktop

This isn't entirely correct - there is messenger.com if you want to use messenger without the distraction of your news feed.

Wow, strange that I use FB every day and have never head of that.

And each has slightly different look and feel. Facebook and their products…

I had missed that facebook owned instagram.

Some would say Facebook/Zuckerberg has gone too far in copying competitors' features into Instagram/Faceboook. Snapchat's Stories is a recent example of this. Hence Zuck.js

Well Zuckerberg is the new Bill Gates. Embrace, Extend & Extinguish. They're on a frenzy to kill snapchat before it gets big like they did with Google+.

Yeah, I don't get it either. Thanks for asking.

This lib reminds me of https://github.com/auchenberg/volkswagen :D

Love that project, but that evergreen buildbadge with the Volkswagen logo is just gold.

This is awesome, thank you, made my day :)

The demo site runs bad on iOS. Bad scrolling (i.e. overflow not set to "touch"), animations are very choppy, videos do not play inline, unable to swipe to dismiss. The last one is not a big deal, but the others are crucial.

I can't wait until this is implemented into GitHub! Then I can really code socially! /s

Thanks man. That was good

this is pretty dang funny

Why is this called zuck?

Because it's making fun of Facebook adding stories into to all of their apps.

Dang this human is good

ha, "zuck" is a bad word in my native language ..

Thanks to FB, it is now such in every language :)

expand please or let me know what language!

Also, please add the Wiktionary entry https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/zuck

it means "ass" haha

Any relation to Mark Zuckerberg?

It was a joke based on Facebook's attempts to clone Snapchat's features by adding stories to Instagram and Whatsapp.


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