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> You cannot pass a ruby lambda expecting arguments to Clojure.

I beg to differ: http://github.com/technomancy/clojure-gem/blob/master/test/t...

Have you looked at the source code for that project? It doesn't use callables at all. the orig_commute function, the original commute method on class Ref, gets passed a monkey-patched ruby Proc object that implements the invoke method which takes one argument, a list, containing all of the original ruby arguments. Clojure then most likely calls invoke inside orig_commute through reflection. The end result: a bunch of hackery specific to Ruby and Clojure, something JVM-level closures would help eliminate.

Again, you cannot pass a ruby function expecting arguments to Clojure! What your link shows is that you can, however, send monkey-patched versions of ruby functions that implement clojure-specific calling conventions to clojure. :)

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