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> Lots of comments here seem to think this should be unexpected or is a bug. Closing a FD you are using is a bug. I think epoll does a fairly good job of letting the user know that it is watching the description and not the descriptor.

Then why is it reporting events for the file descriptor (not description) that was closed? Am I misunderstanding that?

There's nothing wrong with dup'ing an fd and closing either the original one or the second one while continuing to use the other. It's very strange that something would emit events on the fd that was closed.

You are not getting the events on the FD. You are getting the events on the file. When. You set up the event you told the kennel let me know about changes on a file -- but let use the int when we talk about this file. This actually happens at open. You setup the system to say hey when I do things on this file let's short hand it and just use this number which we will call a FD from now on.

The confusion is this king the FD is the file. It is not.

Also a FD can't be open or closed it is simply in the FD lookup table is not. Files are what are opened and closed. A FD is a designation.

Open sets up the designation close removes it. So to say you are getting events on a fd is okay, but not painting the full picture. You are getting events from the kennel about a file and the kennel thinks you know this file by it's designation.

Closing a FD does not close a file unless it is the last FD referencing that file.

Also please see my other big post. I hate typing on a phone.

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