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It's cool and all that clicking on the up arrow instantly resorts submissions, but it's also annoying when one is trying to read items in a certain order. I suggest simply removing the triangle. My top feature request: being able to see my own voting history over time.

Thanks for the suggestion. If anyone else has suggestions, let us know in the comments on this thread.

A more visible footer on this page? Just so I can tell if it actually finished loading. Also, at least being able to have paragraphs would be great.

I've been using the site for a few days now. My feature requests involve getting rid of potential roadblocks: Some kind of persistent cookie-based login would be nice. Having to login each time I return to the site is annoying. Larger default fonts. Yes, I can change my browser's preferences and override your font size. No, I don't want to have to do that for each of the browsers on each of the different computers I use throughout the day! A longer username limit. abstractnonsense wasn't allowed so I had to use abstractbill instead. Not a big deal, but it did strike me as a rather small limit. Overall though congrats on the site. I've grown tired of reddit as it has moved away from its early demographic and this is just what I've been looking for. Cheers.

I commented on a topic yesterday, but today I can't find my comment, or any discussion that might have resulted from it. Obvious ways to fix this include search, a list of comments with permalinks in my profile, or a way to get beyond the front page to get to older links.

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